A Deal’s a Deal!

The recent case of Tricia Ronane and Paul Simonon, bassist member of The Clash highlights the difficultly of changing a financial settlement once an order has been made or agreed and emphasises the need to ensure your settlement is right before you commit to it. Ms...

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Staying together for the sake of Children

It is not uncommon to hear an unhappy husband or wife say that they are staying in a marriage ‘for the sake of the children’. Is it really in a child’s best interests for their parents, who are inevitably going to separate, to stay together until they get older? When...

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What is spousal maintenance?

Is Spousal Maintenance a “Meal Ticket” for Life? As a result of some recent decisions in the more senior courts we have seen a move away from life time maintenance awards and a replacement with fixed term maintenance orders. In a recent case the court refused to allow...

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