A poem written by Julie Vanner

Written by admin

January 22, 2019

Mother and little daughter playing in a park

Today we would like to share one of many poems written by our legal secretary and talented, published poet Julie Vanner.

When feeling worn by baby’s cries,
Exhaustion taking toll,
Look deep into your daughter’s eyes,
To peak inside her soul.

See futures lined by silver charms,
Pure love you will defend,
Then know the babe within your arms,
Will be your greatest friend.

Her every first will gift you pride,
First word, first step, first smile,
You’ll love her more for each tear cried,
She’ll shape your life worthwhile.

Know every moment tough to face,
Will strengthen bonds maternal,
Your daughter’s gift of love and grace,
Will light your life eternal.


(c) Julie Vanner 2019

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