My kids were all whining, with boredom they’re pining,
so I mastered a plan understated,
it’s money well spent, every kid loves a tent
and I’m sure it can’t be complicated.

So to Tesco I trotted, my afternoon plotted,
I’m holding my cash in my hand;
I went “easy erect”, don’t know what to expect,
but I know it’s just going to be grand!

I open the packet, I’m missing a bracket,
spent an hour locating the plan,
I’m feeling quite shattered, my confidence battered,
the instructions were aimed for Japan.

I can’t tell Part “B” from my other Part “D”,
and my pegs just won’t fit in the holes,
I’ve only one “C” when there should have been three,
and don’t even ask ’bout the poles!

Then a mirage before me, I’m feeling my glory,
and see a vague tent shape emerge,
must of looked quite a sight with a seven foot kite,
as the wind whisked me off the grass verge!

But feeling quite clever, the last peg I tether
and I look to the kids, full of pride,
yet I find they’re all gone, ‘cos The Simpsons are on,
and they’re all firmly rooted inside.

So when you’re all snug and curled up with your mug,
please cast me some warm thoughts abounds,
for I’m set up in camp, on my own with a lamp
as there’s no way I’ll waste twenty pounds!!


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