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January 22, 2019

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Dear blog readers, as I recently joined Townsend Family Law I thought it will be a good idea to use my first blog to introduce myself. I have passionately been handling family law cases for over 4 years. I qualified as a solicitor in November 2017. I joined Townsend in December 2018.

I started working as a trainee solicitor at a high street firm in North London, Edmonton. I had very intense training. I was in court everyday representing clients. I am very fortunate that I developed advocacy skills early on in my career as I am now a confident advocate. Doing my own advocacy really helped me to offer my clients the continuity of representation both in the office and at court. I enjoy being pro-active and preparing my client’s case in the best possible way for the court hearings.

I advised and assisted those clients who were victims of domestic violence from their ex-partners/husband/wife/other family members. I would meet clients, prepare the legal paperwork whilst taking their instructions and go to court with them to obtain an emergency injunction order the same day. I always made sure that I did my absolute best to make this happen. Domestic violence is unacceptable and an injunction order must be obtained very quickly otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of offering emergency protection to victims. I have worked with refuges and domestic violence support organisations to offer advice to men and women who have suffered domestic abuse.

I am also experienced in obtaining emergency prohibited steps order or specific issue orders where one parent has threatened to remove or has in fact removed the child from the other parent’s care.

I have a particular interest in dealing with arrangements for children following the breakdown of a relationship, for example disputes as to where a child will live and how much time a child will spend with a parent. I am experienced in representing clients in complex and contested matters in court before District and Circuit Judges. I understand that the court process can be very stressful and emotionally draining for parents. The court’s number one priority is what is best for the children. Sometime parents become so deeply involved in their feelings post separation that they do not see clearly what arrangements are beneficial to the child. I am here to make this process easier by resolving disputes in a smooth and non-acrimonious way. However, when court proceedings have been issued and a firmer approach is essential because the opposing parent is being unreasonable, I am a robust court advocate.

I recognise that each client’s circumstances are different and unique to them. I take a practical and sensitive approach to matters in order to achieve an outcome which prioritises a client’s individual objective and provides a long term solution. I will never make unrealistic promises to my clients. I want to achieve the best outcome in my cases. Therefore, my approach always has been to be honest with my clients from the very beginning so that everyone knows what to expect. I will advise you of the process, the pros and cons of each options going forward. In this way my clients will have the full information in front of them to make well thought out or carefully considered, informed decisions.

I am dedicated to working with vulnerable clients to help them achieve their objectives in the most smooth and efficient way possible. I understand the emotional pressures faced in family disputes and enjoy the challenges family law brings. My passion for family law grows when my client’s walk away happy. This gives me so much pride and satisfaction.

If you are thinking about divorce or need advice and representation in injunction or children act matters and you are looking for a supportive solicitor who can provide you professional legal advice, book an appointment to come in and see me. For a first one hour consultation my usual hourly rate is halved.

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