Beth is off on maternity leave, we wish her all the best with the exciting addition to her family and will miss her bubbly presence in the office.

Here is a poem that she wrote on her last day:

9 months ago,
I thought it would never come,
The day I finish here,
to learn to be a mum!

This is a short verse,
To thank you all so much,
For being the best colleagues-
You better keep in touch!!

For the past few months,
You’ve helped make work a doddle,
Despite my dodgy hip,
And my ‘mum to be’ waddle.

Moving my files,
Giving a helping hand,
Or lending a listening ear,
When things haven’t gone to plan.

Buying the best gift,
Putting in so much thought,
You got Minnie Mouse!
The best thing you could have bought!

I will keep you all posted,
Visit whenever poss,
You won’t get rid of me easy-
I will want to know the goss!

Colleagues like you,
Are really second to none,
Reliable, organised, efficient,
But most important of all….fun.

Even writing this poem,
I have butterflies in my tummy,
Still can’t quite believe,
I am going to be a mummy…

I will miss you millions,
You’re a very special bunch,
Unless contractions start,
I will see you Thursday for lunch.

Townsend Family Law divorce solicitors staff member Maternity
Townsend Family Law divorce solicitors staff member Maternity

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