Covid 19 – Child Support “The M Word”

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May 18, 2020

Covid 19 Child Support

Why is it so hard to talk about money? Most of us don’t wish to seem flippant or conversely ‘overly interested’ in finances so we just avoid the topic all together.. Whether you are discussing the £1.20 price difference between fabric conditioner in one supermarket over another or how you are going to cover potential child support payments it’s just considered taboo. 


Right now with 27% of the UK workforce being paid 80% of their wages through government programmes, and the ever-growing number of businesses who have paused trading or otherwise not operating it seems we have to talk about it. We face unprecedented demand on our mental health, relationships and finances today that would have seemed impossible 6 month ago.

Financial stability, or at the very least predictability, is hiding there at the cornerstone of our wellbeing if we discuss it or not. Thanks to increasing pressures on employers to change pay and working conditions amid the current crisis you may find yourself in a position now where you have to review previous financial commitments, the gym, your brand of fabric conditioner or the much more complex child support agreements. For the former asking a friend (or your mum) for their opinion is a very reasonable thing to do, for the latter speaking to one of our expert legal advisors can ensure your confidence in your future financial security.

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