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January 5, 2021

After a terrible year during which loved ones have been lost to a nasty invisible virus that that has affected the whole world,  there is hope that this year will signal a return to normal life!

We’ve had to lockdown, work from home and cocoon without physical contact with family or friends. For those of us with children, we’ve had to juggle a job and support our children with their home schooling journey.

For those who need a class, a pool or a personal trainer we have missed exercise. We’ve missed eating out and our holiday plans are still on hold.

Loneliness and isolation during lockdown has been really tough for some who are living alone.

It is well reported that domestic violence significantly increased last year. Lockdown was the perfect condition for bullies to isolate, control and harm their partners.

For relationships with cracks before the appearance of the virus, those cracks may have widened.

Christmas can be a time to reflect on what you want from life. If you have been living with a bully, be brave and finally take the step to freedom from control and abuse. In addition to law firms specialising in family law, there are so many fantastic organisations out there to help and support victims of domestic violence with injunction applications to protect you and your children from domestic violence. An application could also ask for a violent partner to be removed from the family so that you and your children do not suffer the emotional and practical disruption of moving.

Solicitors are here to help not just with injunctions but also to support you with the legal and practical side of ending a relationship that has been wrong for some time and which can’t be saved though counselling. Instructing a solicitor does not mean that you are destined to go to court. Asking the court to intervene is very much a last resort for solicitors who will be making every effort to  settle your matrimonial or family affairs through negotiation.

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