Is my marriage over?

Written by Sam Carroll

June 15, 2018

Marriage no longer has the permanence of years gone by and statistically there has been a rise in the number of couples divorcing  at a time when there has been a reported drop in the number of loved up couples choosing marriage over living together.

There are some relationships that are just not safe to be in because of emotional and physical abuse and a spouse who is on the receiving end of domestic violence needs to be supported to end an abusive relationship.

Ending a relationship is a life changing event and before I even start to talk to a client about the ins and outs of divorce I want to understand what has gone so wrong in the relationship that a break up is on the cards. This is especially so for couples who have been together a long time and have invested so much into their married life.  I ask clients to think back to happier times and to open up to me about the circumstances that have turned their once happy marriage into an unhappy one. I want to explore with them if they can get their relationship back on track and if couple counselling might help.

A lot of marriages are affected by a breakdown in communication. Sometimes it can be hard to speak about how unhappy you feel or to hear about how your other half feels but in my experience if you can’t be open and honest about your emotions and feel in a safe place to express them, the problems in the marriage are left unresolved and can fester. Couple counselling can be a useful forum for couples to express their emotions, doubts and worries in a supported environment and to help each understand how unhappy the other feels. Counselling can also help couples come to terms with the end of their marriage and to work through the practical arrangements involved in separation.

For couples who have spent years of their adult life together, who have children and a home, trying to save the relationship will be their first priority unless the cracks already run too deep. Getting divorced doesn’t have to be a negative or expensive experience if a couple can put emotions to one side to sort out their legal and practical arrangements. If you are worried about the state of your relationship, a meeting with a solicitor might help put things in perspective for you and at Townsend Family Law we can talk you through your options.

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