Parenting Plans

Written by Sam Carroll

June 25, 2018

Parenting plans are an extremely useful tool when parents separate. These are drawn up by parents and helps them to focus their minds on all aspects of a child’s life once they separate.

A parenting plan can help regulate arrangements for a child without the need to attend Court, and aims to ensure that the needs of the child are the most important consideration of the parents. They are not legally binding, however, where there is agreement in place between the parents, there is little need for a legally binding order. It could address:

• communication and dealing with differences;

• living arrangements – who the child will spend time with (including other family members such as grandparents), how often and when;

• money;

• religion;

• education;

• health care; and

• emotional well-being.

More detail can be found at

Where agreement cannot be reached in relation to arrangements for a child, advice can be sought from a solicitor and mediation should be considered.


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