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There are two types of Lasting Powers of Attorney or LPA’s for short namely a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney and a Property and Finances Power of Attorney. 

A Health and Welfare LPA appoints someone that you trust to make decisions about your health and wellbeing in the event that you are unable to make those decisions yourself. Decisions can include any medical treatment you receive to include life-sustaining medical treatment, moving to a care home, receiving care in your own home, and your day-to-day care needs.  

A Property and Finances LPA appoints someone that you trust to manage your property and financial affairs in the event that you cannot make those decisions yourself. This could include selling your home to fund your care, using a bank account to pay for your bills and groceries and managing your investments. 


Life can be unpredictable. The loss of mental capacity or in other words, the ability to make decisions for yourself about your health or your finances could happen. Without an LPA, your loved ones are restricted from assisting you with making decisions about your health or accessing your money and assets to help with paying for necessities such a help in the home, medical treatment, bills and groceries.  If you do not create an LPA whilst you have the capacity to do so, your loved ones will be faced with a much longer, complicated, and expensive process of formally applying to the court for a Deputyship order allowing them to assist with managing your affairs. 

LPA’s give you and your family peace of mind of knowing that plans are in place in the event that you can’t make decisions for yourself. It means that a loved one can step in quickly to make sure that you are comfortable. You don’t have to worry about loved ones having to use their own money and resources to help you because they can’t access your finances. 


We would take you through the entire process of creating and registering LPAs. After an initial consultation, we would prefer a draft of your LPAs in accordance in line with your instructions and reflecting your wishes.  If you are happy with the draft we will then prepare the final version for signing. Every LPA requires someone that meets a set of requirements to act as your certificate provider to certify that you have the appropriate mental capacity to create an LPA. We are happy to act as your certificate provider. Once all of the documents are signed, we will send them for registration to the Office of the Public Guardian. Once registered, they are effective. 


Single Person

One LPA starts from £395 plus VAT

Both types start from £695 plus VAT


One LPA for both starts from £750 plus VAT

Two types start from £1,195 plus VAT

Acting as Certificate Provider (per person) is £150 plus VAT

For more complicated LPA’s will we confirm our fees once we have a better understanding of your requirements.

The Office of the Public Guardian charge application fees of £82 per LPA being registered, however a reduction or exemption of the application fees may be applicable depending on your circumstances.

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