Specialist Family Law Services in Harlow, Essex

For the past twenty years, Townsend Family Law Solicitors has been committed to providing people in Harlow, Essex with expert advice on all areas of family law. Founder, Melanie Townsend, and our specialist team of family lawyers provide guidance and support through what can be a difficult and emotional time for many families.

One of the reasons we’ve become a leading family law firm in Harlow, Essex, is our proactive approach to guiding clients through the legal process with the goal of reaching a settlement constructively and by agreement. Our family law services include:

Divorce and separation
As specialist divorce solicitors, we put your particular needs and circumstances first. As well as advice on the best way to proceed, we can help with the ground for divorce, the procedure for divorce, and what you can do to protect yourself when dealing with financial and property-related issues.

Reaching a Financial Settlement
With vast experience in this area, we specialise in financial disputes ranging from straightforward cases (such as where the main asset is the former matrimonial home) to higher-value more complex matters (such as cases involving companies, trusts and investments held in this jurisdiction and abroad).

Separation and children
We have a wealth of experience in dealing with all children-related matters. As such, we acknowledge that each case is unique so can provide specialist advice specific to your particular case. This includes the prospects of succeeding in any application to the court.

Unmarried couples
We can assist you with cohabitation contracts (Living Together Agreements), getting married and pre-nuptial agreements, and what your entitlements may be if you’ve been living together and the relationship breaks down.

Civil Partnerships
Our range of matrimonial and family services includes providing specialist advice and assistance to same-sex couples. This includes whether you wish to live together or enter into a civil partnership.

Half price consultation
If you’re based in Harlow, Essex, and would like to discuss any element of family law, your first appointment will be half price. Whether in person or over the phone, the 60-minute consultation allows us to discuss your personal circumstances and provide you with specific advice about your legal rights and the best way to proceed. To arrange your half price, no-strings consultation, please contact one of our friendly team on 01992 892 214.

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