The Pastoral Side of Family Law

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November 28, 2018

The job of a family lawyer is not just about providing advice and representation. It’s also about navigating a client through the emotional and practical journey of separation. More often than not clients are heart broken, confused and frightened when they first come to see us. Conversations during initial meetings can focus on the emotional side of the break as well as the law. First meetings are very much about listening to your client share his or her experience. Tea and tissues are always at the ready for those who need it.

Some clients want to come along for an initial meeting before they make the decision to separate because they want to understand what to expect on break up, what their options are and what their entitlement might be in relation to their children, property and money. An initial meeting with a solicitor before embarking on a painful conversation with a partner about the state of their relationship can give a client confidence and strength going into discussions which can help them stand up for themselves when conversations become tricky.

For many clients the biggest fear is not knowing what life will be like post-divorce. Many couples stay together because they are afraid of being on their own. Many stay in miserable and sometimes violent relationships for longer than they should because they cannot imagine life beyond separation. A rewarding aspect of a lawyer’s job is seeing a client come through an emotionally painful journey. Breaking up can be like a bereavement. Often, couples are at different stages of acceptance that a relationship is over and one may need time to catch up with the other before turning their attention to the practicalities of separation such as which parent will the children live with and spend time with, what sort of accommodation will be needed, how much will a home cost and how will assets and resources will be used to cover the costs of two homes?

If you are thinking about separation but you are unsure about what to expect or how the process works, an initial consultation with an experienced family lawyer could be invaluable and give you the reassurance you need to make a decision. At Townsend Family Law we offer a no obligation one hour fixed fee consultation at half our hourly rate. Should you require assistance please telephone us on 01992 892214.

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