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September 16, 2021

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The divorce coach is, within the field of family law, a comparatively new phenomenon but by all accounts is an industry that is rapidly growing.

What is a divorce coach?
The divorce coach has been described as the professional who gives a separated wife or husband the emotional support and encouragement to help them navigate the process of separation and divorce the purpose of which is to help reduce stress and anxiety, arm clients with the skills and tools to cope with the pressures of divorce and to see them through to a new beginning.

What’s the difference between a divorce coach and a solicitor?
A divorce coach does not usually have any formal legal skills or qualifications unless they have transitioned from a career in law but many will have a coaching background and they will have gained knowledge of the process as they help their client’s through the divorce journey. Many coaches may have been through the process themselves and want to help and support others.
Solicitors are legally trained experts with professional qualifications in law who are certified to practice as family law professionals and who are regulated in their field of work. The job of a family law solicitor is not just to advise, guide and represent clients on the law. An experienced family lawyer will also have developed the tools and skills to provide their clients with emotional as well as practical support. To succeed, a family lawyer needs to be as good a listener as a talker. Furthermore, to help and support a client in the decisions they make as part of the divorce process, the family lawyer has to feel and understand what a client is going through. These are not skills and tools learnt at University or through training but rather are the traits of character and personality that suits a specialism in family law.

Divorce Coaches can take the emotional weight away from the legal decision making by supporting and preparing a client to make those tough decisions and be ready to provide legal instructions.
Coaches can start work with a wife or husband before the start of a legal process to remove or minimise the emotional impact of decision making.

Solicitors are trained and experienced family law professionals and should, through their own legal and life experiences, be adept at managing and supporting the emotional as well as the legal aspects of separation.
Solicitors are regulated by and accountable to a professional body.
You are paying for two professionals instead of one.

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