The number of men in England and Wales reporting domestic violence to the police has doubled in the five years to 2017. Despite the fact that one-third of all victims of domestic violence are male (almost 150,000 in 2017), less than 1% of the beds available in refuges are reserved for them. While 3,600 beds are available for women in refuges, only 20 are reserved for men and no beds are available in London.
Only 1 in 20 men suffering from domestic violence actually report it to the police. It is estimated that 500,000 suffer from domestic violence while 350,000 of those are suffering in silence.
Men often feel embarrassed to admit they are victims of violence. More needs to be done to open up discussions and acknowledge how widespread the problem of men suffering domestic violence is. It must however be in turn supported by provisions to support those victims that come forward in a safe place of refuge. The ManKind initiative, a charity that works with male victims is pressing for those changes to take place.
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